Best Mountain Hikes in Italy

Italy, renowned for its rich history, art, and cuisine, also boasts a diverse landscape that is a dream for outdoor enthusiasts. Apart from its romantic coastlines and serene countryside, Italy is home to some of Europe’s most breathtaking mountain hikes. 

From the Alps in the north to the lesser-known Apennines running through its heart, Italy promises hikers an experience filled with majestic peaks, verdant valleys, and panoramic vistas. 

Best Italian Mountain Hikes

Here are seven mountain hikes in Italy that will satiate your alpine wanderlust.

1. Gran Paradiso National Park Trail

  • Location: Aosta Valley and Piedmont
  • Distance: Varies 
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging 
  • Recommended Season: June to September

Gran Paradiso, Italy’s oldest national park, offers trails through lush alpine meadows, dense woods, and alongside glistening glacial rivers. The park, named after the Gran Paradiso mountain, provides routes for both casual walkers and serious trekkers, all while promising views of pristine landscapes and glimpses of ibex and chamois.

2. The Tour of the Brenta Dolomites 

  • Location: Madonna di Campiglio 
  • Distance: 63 km 
  • Difficulty Level: Challenging 
  • Recommended Season: June to September

This multi-day trek around the Brenta Dolomites is a roller-coaster of jagged peaks, deep canyons, and high-altitude lakes. The trail offers several via ferratas—routes equipped with steel cables, ladders, and other fixtures, ensuring safety while promising adrenaline rushes.

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3. Alta Via 1 

  • Location: Belluno to Toblach 
  • Distance: 120 km
  • Difficulty Level: Challenging 
  • Recommended Season: July to September

One of the most renowned trails in the Dolomites, Alta Via 1, offers trekkers an epic journey through alpine meadows, dense forests, and serene mountain lakes. The trail, showcasing nature’s grandeur at every turn, provides refuge huts for overnight stays, making it a favorite among multi-day trekkers.

4. Sentiero Azzurro 

  • Location: Cinque Terre 
  • Distance: 12 km 
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate 
  • Recommended Season: March to October

Though better known for its picturesque coastal views, the Blue Trail in Cinque Terre traverses terraced vineyards and olive groves set on steep mountain slopes. The trail links five iconic villages, each a colorful marvel, making it a perfect blend of mountain and coastal hiking tours.

5. Monte Marsicano Loop 

  • Location: Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park 
  • Distance: 20 km 
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging 
  • Recommended Season: May to September

Situated in Italy’s oldest national park, the Monte Marsicano loop promises an intimate experience of the Apennines’ wilderness. The trail, often less frequented, offers tranquility, panoramic mountain views, and the chance to spot the elusive Marsican brown bear.

6. The Matterhorn Tour 

  • Location: Breuil-Cervinia 
  • Distance: Varies 
  • Difficulty Level: Challenging 
  • Recommended Season: July to September

The Matterhorn, with its pyramid-like shape, stands as one of the Alps’ iconic peaks. The surrounding trails offer hikers awe-inspiring views of this majestic mountain, glacial landscapes, and picturesque alpine meadows.

7. Monte Rosa Tour 

  • Location: Aosta Valley 
  • Distance: 100 km 
  • Difficulty Level: Challenging 
  • Recommended Season: June to September

The Monte Rosa massif, second only to Mont Blanc in the Alps, provides trails with varied terrains, challenging passes, and stunning glacial scenery. The tour, looping around this impressive massif, offers hikers an immersive alpine experience.


Italy’s mountain trails promise more than just physical exertion; they are journeys through time, showcasing the country’s rich natural beauty and centuries-old relationship with the alpine world. 

From challenging treks across towering peaks to leisurely strolls through historic mountain hamlets, Italy’s mountain hikes cater to souls seeking both adventure and serenity. So the next time you’re planning an Italian escapade, remember to pack your hiking boots and let Italy’s mountains mesmerize you with their timeless beauty. Touring as a group, what better way to explore the paths than on one of our Italy Hiking Tours.


Do I need any permits to hike mountain trails in Italy?
Most trails in Italy don’t require permits, but some national parks may require an entrance fee or a small fee for maintenance. It’s always advisable to check in advance, especially for multi-day treks.

Are guided tours available for these mountain hikes in Italy?
Yes, many of these trails, especially the challenging ones like Alta Via 1 and The Matterhorn Tour, offer guided hikes. These are often led by experienced local guides who provide insights into the region’s history, flora, and fauna.
What’s the best way to prepare for altitude in these hikes?
To counter altitude sickness, it’s recommended to acclimatize before starting a high-altitude trek. Spending a day or two at a higher altitude than your home base, staying hydrated, and ascending slowly can help in reducing the symptoms.