Peru’s Lares Valley and the famed Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu offer the perfect combination of unique cultural immersion and exciting adventure travel activities.

  • Feel the warmth of the Andean sun and the coolness of the morning breeze as you walk along ancient mountain paths .
  • Relish the vibrant flavors of the traditional Andean dishes and South American wines.
  • Imagine how life was in centuries past in these iconic historic villages.
  • Bask in the glow of the marvelous local people you’ll spend time with as you explore.

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8 Days

This hiking adventure will lead you along seldom-traveled highland trails surrounded by exquisite snow-capped peaks, past roving herds of llamas and alpacas, around impossibly hued turquoise lakes, and through graceful waterfalls. Your destinations will include fascinating
archaeological sites, thought-provoking agricultural and commercial Andean cooperatives, and bustling towns and markets showcasing the flavors of the region
as well as the wares of its skilled artisans. Most importantly, you will travel to hidden communities unchanged for centuries for a unique up-close visit with local people. Expert guides tailor the experience with an offer of à la carte activities and daily cultural encounters. At each day’s sunset, settle into deluxe mountain lodges to prepare for a new day of multi-activity adventure and exploration. Get off-the-beaten path with Go Get Lost® and experience a world of stunning beauty and ancient history.

Tour Dates & Pricing

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Day 1 - La Bienvenida a Peru

Upon arrival in Cusco, one of the highest cities in the world at 11,352 feet, you'll make your way to your 4-star hotel in the city center. Later this evening you'll meet your Tour Leader for an orientation about your trip, then sit down to an excellent arrival dinner. The mountains of Peru are known for variety. Andean cuisine features a variety of stews, soups, meats, and delicious desserts made from grains, fruit and dairy.

Peruvians love to use traditional clay pots over a wood fire to create their most iconic dishes. Hearty is the key word for most of their family-style recipes. As far as drinks, chicha corn beer was the traditional beverage of the ancient inhabitants of the Andes, and the tradition still lives on today. Don’t forget to try the breads and the wawas, santiagos, and bolitos de agua pastries, which will most likely be a new taste sensation for your palate.

Day 2 - Cusco

This morning we will embark on a comprehensive city walking tour including the beautiful Koricancha or Sun Temple, the Cathedrall and the Fortress of Sacsayhuaman. Then you'll visit a most remarkable Inca building, the amphitheater of Kenko. This is followed by a visit to Puca Pucara, a strategically located 'red fortress' that dominates the entire area before visiting Tambomachay, with its two distinctive aqueducts that to this day continue to provide clean water to the area.

Tonight you are free to explore Cusco on your own. Excellent restaurants abound, and your local Tour Leader can give you some tips on their favorite places.

Today is rated EASY as the majority of the day is spent walking on paved streets.

Day 3 - Sacred Valley of the Incas

After breakfast today you'll board your private coach and begin your journey through the Urubamba Valley, also know as the Sacred Valley of the Incas. This scenic valley is one of the most important destinations in South America, with beautiful traditional towns settled since colonial times. In this area the Incas built ancient citadels such as Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero. They also cultivated a great diversity of agricultural products on terraces carved out qf the steep mountainsides

The Amaru community is the starting point of your hike today. Enjoy wonderful panoramic views and take the chance to experience rural Andean life as you hike to Viacha - a small, isolated town where artisanal potato farming is central to the economy.

All travelers meet in Viacha community and learn about their traditional Andean farming practices. After a well-deserved rest, you walk along a restored part of the Inca trail that leads to the stunning archaeological site of Pisaq (10,826 ft), which dominates the valley below. Alternatively, you can be driven to the site to explore Pisaq ruins with your guide. The site offers breathtaking views of the Inca terraces and Pisaq town as a backdrop. Afterwards you will be driven to Lamay Lodge (9,705 ft) in the town of the same name. A classic Pachamanca - a typical Andean dish
traditionally prepared underground - awaits you for dinner. A relaxing dip in the lodge’s heated outdoor whirlpool will be the perfect end to the day.

Today's first hike to Viacha is rated MODERATE. The hike has a total distance of 5 miles, and a hiking time of 2.5-3 hours. The hike starts at an altitude of 13,150 feet, crosses the Challwaccasa Pass at 14,200 feet and goes down to Viacha at 12,700 feet, for an elevation gain of 1,050 feet and an elevation loss of 1500 feet. Today's second hike to Pisaq is rated EASY, with a total distance of 3 miles, starting at 12,952 feet and ending at 10,016. The hike is almost all downhill, with an elevation loss of 2,936 feet.

Non-hiking Option: You'll visit Awanacancha –a textile center where locals share their dyeing and knitting techniques. There your guide will explain the difference between the camel-related llamas and alpacas. You then have the chance to stroll Pisaq market. Originally a place where people from remote communities used to barter their products, Pisaq has evolved to one of South America's most famous souvenir markets.

Day 4 - Huacawasi

After breakfast you'll have time to explore Lamay town before being driven to the magnificent archaeological site of Ancasmarca. The name of complex comes from the combination of two Runasimi words: Anca (eagle) and Marca (town), together "Town where the eagles live". Perched at the top of a steep-sided hill, Ancasmarca is composed by several "colcas" (storehouses). After the guided tour a van awaits to bring you to Lares Lodge for lunch. In the afternoon you may choose between one cultural activity and two hike options that lead along turquois blue lakes and towering peaks.

If you prefer to immerse yourself deeper into Andean culture you'll be driven to the peasant farming community of Choquecancha and meet the locals and learn from their expertise in textile weaving. Afterwards a hearty lunch awaits you.

If you prefer to spend the afternoon hiking amidstt the stunning Andean scenery, you can choose between and Easy-Moderate hike from Quelquena to Huacahuasi or a Moderate hike from Cuncani to Huacahuasi.

You'll spend the night at Huacahuasi Lodge, situated at 12,585 feet and overlooking the river. Every room has a private balcony or terrace with a Jacuzzi so you can relax and enjoy after or before dinner.

The Quelquena to Huacahuasi hike is rated EASY to MODERATE with a distance of 2.1 miles, starting at 11,939 feet and ending at 12,507 feet. There is 883 feet of elevation gain and 318 feet of loss, with a high point at Huacahuasi Pass of 12,690 feet. The hiking time is 2-3 hours, depending on your pace and the conditions of the trail. The trail is not considered steep but does have some sections of uneven terrain.

The Cuncani to Huacahuasi hike is rated MODERATE with a distance of 3.8 miles, starting at 12,379 feet and ending at 12,507 feet. There is 1,459 feet of elevation gain and 1,253 feet of loss, with a high point at Huacahuasi Pass of 13,838 feet. The hiking time will be around 4 hours, depending on your pace and the conditions of the trail. The trail is not considered steep but does have some sections of uneven terrain.

Day 5 - Ollantaytambo

Today you have options for either a cultural tour or a hike, and again after lunch you can choose. We'll begin the day with a scenic drive to the community of Huilloc. From there, you can choose to visit the village of Huilloc and nearby sheepherding community of Marcacocha to participate in a traditional Andean ceremony to honor Pachamama (Mother Earth) and her blessings for the health of the community livestock. If you opt for the hike instead, you'll trek from Huilloc to Pumamarca on a beautiful trail that highlights the spectacular scenery of the area. In Pumamarca we'll all meet for a tour of the archaeological site and lunch. After lunch you can choose to take a scenic drive to Ollantaytambo and spend the afternoon exploring the maze-like alleys and passageways of this charming Sacred Valley town. If you'd rather walk off that meal, there is a lovely hike from the ruins of Pumamarca to Ollantaytambo.

Tonight we'll be ensconced in a simple but snug lodge in the town of Urubamba, very near to the ruins. After a group dinner of typical Andean specialties, we'll relax and prepare for our exciting day tomorrow.

Today's morning hike is rated MODERATE with a distance of 4.9 miles, 817 feet of ascent and 1670 feet of descent. The trailhead is the highest point at an altitude of 11,568 feet, and the end of the hike is at 10,715 feet. The trail surface is packed and rocky. Today's afternoon hike is rated EASY with a distance of 2.4 miles, 26 feet of ascent and 1309 feet of descent. The trailhead is the highest point at an altitude of 10,715 feet, and the end of the hike is at 9,432 feet. The trail generally flat and downhill, the surface is packed and rocky.

Day 6 - The Hike to Machu Picchu

This morning we'll enjoy an early morning breakfast and then have a short transfer to Ollantaytambo Station to embark on the train that will take us to KM 104, the starting point for the classic Inca Hike to Machu Picchu route. This trail is hailed as one of the most iconic treks on the planet, lauded for its fusion of ancient history and jaw-dropping natural vistas. It’ll take you on a route through the legendary Sacred Valley of Peru, past ruined Incan settlements that date back hundreds of years with snow-capped Andean peaks towering over you. The climax sees you looking into into Machu Picchu itself via the Sun Gate, following in the footsteps of Inca emperors and nobles. The hike begins by crossing the Chachabamba Bridge then ascending to Wiñay Wayna, an archaeological complex featuring ancient houses, fountains, and agricultural terraces overlooking the Urubamba River. As we continue on the trail will become steeper as we climb toward the famous Sun Gate for your first glimpse of Machu Picchu. We'll enjoy spectacular views as we descend along the perimeter of the citadel to catch the shuttle bus to Aguas Calientes and and onward to our hotel.

If the trail to Machu Picchu is too challenging, you have the option to do an easier (but still scenic) trail this morning to the Inca ruins at Pinkuylluna. Then you'll head to explore historic Ollantaytambo Fortress, which gave it's name to the town. You climb more than 200 steps to the top where the Temple of the Sun (formed of six gigantic monoliths, whose total weight exceeds 50 tons) and the Terrace of the Ten Niches look out over the valley. Once on the top you also have great views of the town below and across to the Temple Hill. Before noon you will embark on a scenic train ride along the Urubamba River to Aguas Calientes, the town below Machu Picchu. Upon arrival, you will be met and escorted to your hotel.

Tonight we'll relax in our beautiful lodge in Aguas Calientes and share stories of the amazing scenery and the "once-in-a-lifetime" experience of hiking to Machu Picchu!

Today's Machu Picchu km104 hike is rated MODERATE to CHALLENGING with a total distance of 5.9 miles and a hiking time of 4-5 hours. You'll have 3337 feet of ascent and 2480 feet of descent. The trail begins at 7110 feet of altitude, climbs to the highest point at 8878 as you approach Machu Picchu, then descends to 7966 feet at the end. The terrain is rolling, with some section of steep, rocky inclines. If you opt for the Pinkuylluna hike, it is only about 2 miles, although there is 528 feet of elevation gain and the same of descent. It takes about 2 hours and is rated MODERATE.

Day 7 - Exploring Machu Picchu

Yesterday was about the hike TO Machu Picchu...today is all about exploring the ruins of the citadel. After breakfast at the hotel, our journey to Machu Picchu begins with a rollicking uphill bus ride from the valley to the heights. There we'll enter the one of the most famous (and picturesque) archaeological sites on the planet. Most recent archaeologists believe that Machu Picchu was constructed as an estate for the Inca emperor Pachacuti (1438–1472). The Incas built the estate around 1450 but abandoned it a century later, at the time of the Spanish conquest. The site itself was occupied from 1420–1532. After a two-hour guided tour of the citadel, you will have free time to explore on your own or hike up Huayna Picchu Mountain or Machu Picchu mountain (additional permit cost) for dramatic views that stretch from the Urubamba River Valley to the edge of the Amazon Jungle. After the visit we'll have lunch in Aguas Calientes before the return train ride to Ollantaytambo and a scenic sunset drive back to our hotel in Cusco . As night falls and you arrive amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, you will be touched by a feeling of peace and rejuvenation that will linger long after your journey home.

Tonight we'll have a farewell dinner at a local eatery. The perfect time to relive the adventures, laugh at the misadventures, and plan our next adventure!

Today is rated EASY as the primary activity is the 2 hour walking tour of the ruins. If you opt to climb Huayna Picchu Mountain you may be subject to additional cost. The roundtrip climb from the ruins is 1 mile and takes about 2 hours, with 952 feet of ascent and the same of descent, topping out at 8924 feet of altitude. Although not a long hike, it is rated MODERATE due to the steepness of the trail in some sections. In the event that Huayna Picchu permits are not available for your desired date, you may opt for a hike up Machu Picchu Mountain located next to the Machu Picchu Citadel on the southern side. It is a bit longer at 2.2 miles, with 2140 feet of ascent and the same of descent, starting at 7972 feet and topping out at 10,112, taking about 2.5 hours to complete. It is rated CHALLENGING due to the steepness of the trail, which hits 22 degrees in some spots.

Day 8 - Adios

Today your Go Get Lost tour ends at the hotel after breakfast. You can easily arrange a taxi to the airport to catch your departure flight.


Due to availability at the time of booking, hotels listed may change to similar hotels

Cusco - 4 Star Xima Hotel Cusco This beautiful property is located a few blocks from the city center, with one of the largest Crafts Fairs in the city and the Korikancha Temple nearby, strategic points to visit on the way to the historic center. Their restaurant Ayara features the best dishes from the Cusco region with ancestral flavor. They specialize in exquisite dishes prepared with native and organic products from our region that will make your culinary experience the best. The hotel has 167 comfortable, non-smoking rooms and all the amenities that their guests require, such as: Business Center, WiFi, Buffet Breakfast, Bar, Restaurant, Room Service, Spa, Event Room, among other services. Standard Room

Lamay – Lamay Lodge The Lamay Lodge is an idyllic hideaway in the quaint Sacred Valley village of the same name. Resplendent sun and green, flower-dotted gardens with picturesque pastoral views create a calming sensation that envelops you from the moment you arrive. The outdoor hot tub and firepit in the center garden are welcoming spaces to gather, as are the cozy indoor nooks. The Lamay Lodge blends traditional heritage with original contemporary design. The large garden on the grounds is the center of activities and an excellent place to soak in the Andean Mountain views. A large Jacuzzi is an ideal place to relax at the end of a long day of adventuring. An inventive menu of International and Peruvian cuise provide a refreshing take on the region’s most iconic dishes. All offerings are locally sourced, from organic coffee blends to healthy snacks. Standard Room

Huacahuasi – Huacahuasi Lodge The Huacahuasi Lodge, a dramatic structure built on the mountainside at 12,599 feet, perched above its namesake village, was designed to showcase stunning views of the valley and beyond with its soaring ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows . The lodge has 8 rooms, each luxury guest room is equipped with a private terrace with outdoor jacuzzi for you to relax while you take in dramatic sunsets and star-filled evening skies. The rest of the lodge is open plan and has a restaurant, bar and communal outdoor hot tub. The women working at the lodge are from the local Huacahuasi community and dress in traditional (and extremely colourful!) clothes. Standard Room

Ollantaytambo – Wllka T'ika Wellness Retreat Rejuvenate, relax, and cultivate well-being at Willka T’ika, an exquisite eco-friendly sanctuary located between the world heritage site of Machu Picchu and the Incan capital of Cusco. They offer sustainably luxurious accommodations and the opportunity to find inspiration, refreshment, revitalization, and a wonderful connection to Mother Nature through Willka T’ika’s peaceful energy and mystical surroundings. Located in one of the most energetically charged places on earth, their goal is to facilitate mind, body, and spirit connection. The property is nestled at the foot of some of the most picturesque mountain peaks in all of Peru and is within short distance from the Urubamba River. Standard Room

Aguas Calientes – 5 Star Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel Popular with those heading to the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu, Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel of 5 stars is an intimate Andean village with terraced hills, waterfalls, stone pathways and 83 whitewashed adobe casitas tucked away in the cloud forest. The property has 12 acres of exquisite natural beauty, where 214 bird species – such as the golden-headed quetzal and the iconic Andean cock-of-the-rock – and the world’s largest native orchid collection (372 species) have been registered. After a day spent exploring the area, guests can enjoy the Unu Spa, which combines the classic nurturing with a mystical Andean approach. Natural products are derived from local botanical extracts (mint, eucalyptus and orchids), thus providing a pleasing spiritual, sensual and soothing experience. The first-class restaurant features stunning views of Vilcanota River, and shares the secrets of Peruvian cuisine with a contemporary twist. Standard Room

What´s Included

  • 7 Nights Double Occupancy Accommodations at listed hotels (or similar)
  • 7 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches, 5 Dinners
  • All guided hikes as listed
  • All land transportation as listed
  • Sightseeing and entrance fees as specified in itinerary
  • Completely escorted by a professional English-speaking Tour Leader
  • Gratuities for local day guides, waiters at group meals, and coach drivers, EXCEPT for your primary local tour leader
  • A lifetime of unforgettable memories!

What´s not Included

  • International airfare package
  • Departure taxes and visa fees, if applicable
  • Meals not specified in itinerary
  • Beverages (alcoholic and soft drinks) at meals (water is always included)
  • Arrival transfers and departure transfers. Tour begins on Day 1 at the hotel in Cusco, tour ends after breakfast on Day 8 at the hotel in Cusco
  • Gratuities for your primary local tour leader
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption and Medical Insurance (strongly recommended), call for details
  • Items of a personal nature; phone calls, laundry, etc.

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