Why We’re Unique

Experiential Journeys for Travelers Looking to Get Off the Beaten Path!
At Go Get Lost we know the best way to experience an area is to get out of the bus, put your feet on the ground, and mix it up with the locals. Only when you’re immersed in your surroundings and participating in the journey can you appreciate the stunning landscapes, the awe-inspiring history, the marvelous cuisine and the remarkable people that live there.
This is traveling.
This is how you truly enjoy all of the amazing places and wonderful souls on this planet. This idea is how we love to explore, and is what guides us as we create our tours.
Start traveling with us… and have experiences that will change your life.

Read on to find out more about what sets us apart…


Many terms can be used to describe our journeys; laid-back, fun loving and free wheeling are just a few that come to mind. Of course, we take good care of all the important stuff like accommodations and the like, but we leave plenty of opportunities for what we call “getting lost” or exploring on your own, with your friends or with your group leader. Over the years, we’ve learned that the “getting lost” attitude allows us to experience all the fun and truly fond memories we bring home after a tour. We’ll take the real spontaneous fun over the pre-planned canned stuff any day!

Off The Beaten Path

There are plenty of over-crowded bus tours, monstrous cruise ships and mega-resorts out there that typify large group travel.  At Go Get Lost® we prefer to get off the beaten path and mix it up with locals. Some of our trips are active…(Walking & Hiking)  which is a great way to see the countryside and experience the excitement that an area has to offer. We also offer Easy Exploring trips…these cater to the idea that you RELAX, go with the flow, and let the ambiance of the area slowly soak in.

The “I Don’t Want To Be In A Group” Tour

We enjoy all the great benefits of being in a small group of friends without all the hassle that comes with the traditional group travel of yesteryear. We do this by using expert local guides and limiting our groups to just the right size. You’ll see that we have a wide variety of activities and experiences in our trips…from sailing adventures in Greece to walking tours in Italy. From easy exploring in Spain to wine tasting in France.  Each type of trip lends itself to a different size. For example, our walking tours average around 12-14 people and the most we’ll have is 18.  Easy Exploring trips may have a couple more, and the yacht trips are limited by the number of cabins on the particular yacht. These are the best sized groups to let us enjoy the advantages of group travel without having the usual mega- tour size of 50-75 people. Our small groups also allow enough diversity and camaraderie among the group to provide for an interesting 7 or 8 days. We organize our tours so that we’re more like a band of friends traveling together rather than a highly-structured and impersonal crowd of strangers with a “herder” group leader. You won’t find any “Hello, my name is” badges in our groups, or anything else that makes us look like tourists!

The Owners Walk the Walk

There are dozens of huge tour companies with enormous catalogs that look like coffee table books…and of course they have hundreds upon hundreds…sometimes thousands of tours each year. We don’t roll that way. In fact, we’re committed to keeping our company small and personal. Why? Because our owners actually lead many of our tours, and the last thing they want is to be cooped up in an office shuffling papers and crunching numbers for a big travel company! They prefer to spend their time “in the field”, with the groups, having fun! Go Get Lost® is part of a family business owned by Jeff Fafoglia, Steve Fafoglia, and Jason Allen, who have been leading groups of adventurous travelers all over the world since 1995.  They have built a team of some of the best local group leaders and guides on the planet, but even so, it’s not unusual to find at least one of the Go Get Lost® owners accompanying the group on many of the adventures.  They LOVE traveling and they LOVE to personally introduce new faces to their favorite spots.

Exceptional Value

From charming rural inns in the French countryside to Four and Five Star hotels overlooking the ocean, our tours feature a wide variety of accommodations that typify the spirit and ambiance of an area. Our cuisine is world-class, and our guides are second to none. Yet since almost all our advertising is word-of-mouth, we’re able to keep our tour prices dramatically below our competitors. Compare our trips to the big guys like Backroads, Country Walkers or Wilderness Travel, and you’ll find that our tours are usually longer, with smaller groups, and are 30-50% less expensive! (AND we think we’re more fun!) Our “return rate” upholds that …we’re proud of the fact that over three-fourths of our travelers are repeat customers, some on their 10th or 12th trip with us!


There’s nothing like a shared experience to bond people together and form friends out of strangers.  Whether it’s one of our group tours or you’re own group of friends, our trips are all about having fun and making friends while exploring the most fascinating and exciting places in the world.  Check out the Word-On-The-Street section on our website and read what previous travelers have to say.