Spain Guides

The Iberian Peninsula country of Spain is fascinating and diverse…as are our guides!

Elaine Jones…Spain
Elaine left her native Britain over 25 years ago to travel the world and is still going! She has lived in a number of very different countries, including Japan, Indonesia, Cuba and Portugal, before settling on Andalusia in Southern Spain as a place to put down some roots. She currently lives between Ronda and Alpujarras, in some of the most beautiful country in Andalusia. As a tour leader in adventure travel and a walking guide, she has traveled and worked in many different countries, from Brazil to Borneo, Morocco to Mexico….. She now enjoys sharing her love of history, different cultures and the outdoors with her clients in Spain.

Bo Lohmann…Spain

A native of Germany, Bo Lohmann has loved cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities since his childhood. Bo came to live and work in Spain in 1999, and has since been working as a tour leader in biking and hiking trips all over the country, taking great pride in showing the diversity of the country and its culture. His favorite part of tour leading? “Sharing the insider tips that only the locals know!”

Bo is based in Girona, married and raising 2 children.

Emma Bueno…Spain

Emma Bueno hails from Barcelona and loves travelling, which ultimately inspired her to start working as a tour leader. An experienced operations manager in tourism management she changed sides a few years ago and leads tours all over Spain. Emma feels that the greatest part of her job is sharing local experiences, history and emotions with the clients. She enjoys surprising clients at each stop and destination and feels truly lucky to have such a wonderful job.

Ramon Pereira…Spain 

Ramon Pereira has always been interested in everything outdoors, intrigued by traveling and sharing his knowledge. After completing his art studies and training as a tourism manager in France, he found his dream job as a tour manager. He loves to introduce his guests to the best of each region, sharing his impressions and experiences with them to paint a true picture of the culture. Ramón has been on the road and cycling all over the world, but Spain and Portugal are still his favorite countries.