Discover the real Greece! Get off-the-beaten path with Go Get Lost®. Hike across sun-splashed landscapes. Wander and explore an ancient port. Take a swim in the turquoise blue waters of a secluded bay. Dine on some of the freshest seafood from the Mediterranean. Walk the cobblestone streets of some of the oldest towns in the world. This is how Greece is meant to be explored.

  • Feel the heat of the sun, coolness of the breeze, and the mist of the beautiful turquoise-blue waters.
  • Savor a traditional Greek dinner and a bottle of wine on the shores of small fishing village.
  • Marvel at the ancient history and architecture as you stroll through the cobblestone streets of a medieval city.
  • Swim in the crystal clear waters, enjoy a drink on a secluded beach, and let time slip by.

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9 Days

With their spectacular fusion of sunlight, stone, and sparkling sea, the Greek Islands have attracted people for 4000 years. Located in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Greek Islands number near 6000 islands scattered across hundreds of miles of sun-kissed sea. The Dodecanese Islands have the richest history of all of them…with Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman architecture punctuating previous conquests by the Romans, Crusaders, Turks, and Venetians. We’ll explore some of the most popular spots and some of the off-the-beaten-path spots on the islands of Rhodes, Tilos and Symi. From the picturesque olive groves to the whitewashed houses, from the medieval cobblestone streets of Rhodes town to remote bays that have nothing but a beach, rocky cliffs, and us…we’ll get to find all the fun little spots that make a destination memorable. Like all Go Get Lost adventures, we’ll be visiting the villages, hiking the trails, sampling the wine, meeting the locals, enjoying the food, marveling at the incredible views, swimming in pristine Mediterranean bays, and slowly easing into the pace of life in this magnificent corner of the globe!

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Day 1 - Rhodes

When you arrive in Rhodes today you will make your way by taxi to the hotel. The amazing hotels in the old city are mostly small, restored historic properties, but none have a lot of rooms. So for a full group we’ll use two hotels, just 100 meters apart from each other.

Rhodes is known as the Island of the Knights and capital of the Dodecanese. It's an island which is ideal not only for those who want to relax but also for those looking for an action-packed adventure! With its bright green hills, rich green valleys and uninterrupted line of golden beaches, Rhodes is truly a blessed place. Add in the island’s special blend of cosmopolitan and traditional, and numerous cultural and archaeological sites and you’ve got the perfect place to explore.

Upon arriving at your hotel, you can check in, get settled, freshen up, and then meet around 5:00 pm for an orientation party at the hotel. The exact time and location will be posted at the hotel when you check in. After the orientation we’ll enjoy a fascinating walking tour of the stunning medieval old town by an expert local guide. The ancient city of Rhodes was began in 407 BC, and soon developed into one of the most important seafaring and trading centers in the Eastern Mediterranean. Its golden era lasted from the 5th to the 3rd century BC. It was during this period that the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was constructed, (supposedly), straddling the harbor. It then became a province of the Roman, and later the Byzantine Empire. In 1309 the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem conquered Rhodes and built strong fortifications to protect the island, turning it into a thriving multinational medieval city. In subsequent periods Rhodes was conquered by the Ottoman Turks, and then by the Italians. The new rulers embellished the city with magnificent buildings, wide roads and squares. The Palace of the Grand Master was rebuilt and the Street of the Knights was reconstructed in order to regain its medieval purity. It was not until 1948 that Rhodes officially became part of Greece. In 1988 the Medieval City of Rhodes was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

All this walking will work up an appetite, so after the tour we'll make our way to one of our favorite local restaurants for an amazing welcome dinner. Like most European countries, food in Greece is so much more than sustenance...it's about culture, comfort, family, and life itself. Greece's culinary traditions have evolved over literally thousands of years, with influences from diverse cultures all over the Mediterranean. Many traditional Greek dishes such as moussaka and tzatziki in fact have Turkish, Persian and Arabic roots. From some of the best lamb dishes on earth to dishes featuring eggplant, tomatoes, lemon, cheese, herbs, honey, and of course olive oil...Greek cuisine has something to please every palate. Vegetarians need not feel left out, as Greeks are masters of meatless dishes as well. Depending on what the local fisherman have netted, seafood will find its way onto your table as well. And of course a true Greek salad of fresh tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, and olives topped with a slab of feta is a small piece of heaven! It's best to wash all of this wonderful food down with some of the local Greek wines or beers.

And to finish off the meal you'll find their desserts are excellent, with flaky phyllo pastry and ice creams, yogurt and nuts in evidence. And of course no conversation about Greek cuisine would be complete without mentioning their excellent wines. Although not as famous for export as their neighbors to the west (Italy and France), Greece has had a thriving wine industry for over 6500 years! Their wines, both red and white varieties, are known for their value and easy-going drinkability. Just the thing to sip as you relax at a simple seaside taverna.

After dinner you're free to explore the town (Rhodes town is magical at night), visit a taverna, or simply return to your hotel to enjoy a glass of wine under the night stars.

Day 2 - Agathi Hike

After breakfast this morning, we’ll start our hiking adventure by boarding our coach for a short trip into the countryside. We have a variety of hikes available to us today, but one we might do is the Agathi Beach hike. Starting at a small seaside town on the arid east coast, this hike winds southwards along the picturesque coastline. Expansive views abound as the rocky shoreline meets the deep blue of the Mediterranean. Along our route we’ll find a secluded bay, accessible only by hikers or boaters. Of course we’ll stop for a short swim (be sure to pack your swim suit, towel, and beach shoes) and then continue on our hike.

Eventually we’ll come to Agia Agathi Beach, with a nice assortment of amenities, including beach umbrellas, bathrooms, and food & drink. We’ll hang out here to have lunch, swim, and enjoy the beach. Afterwards we’ll return to town, where you’ll have the rest of the afternoon and evening free to wander and explore.

Today's hike is rated on the low side of MODERATE with a total distance of 4.1 miles, hiking time of 2-3 hours, an elevation gain of 387 feet, and 725 feet of elevation loss. The hike starts at an altitude of 370, most likely the highest point, and finishes at sea level. The trail surface is mostly sandy and rocky, with long stretches of loose gravel and stones, requiring better-than-average balance skills.

Non-Hiking Ideas: If you decide to opt out of today's hike, you might consider spending the day exploring and shopping in Rhodes town, both the Medieval center and the modern town outside the walls. Another option could be to catch a public bus to the charming town of Lindos and wander its winding streets. Rhodes town is literally surrounded by beaches, so you might find that a day lounging alongside the Mediterranean is more your speed.

Day 3 - Akramitis Mountain Hike

After a delicious Greek breakfast, we'll board our coach for the ride through the scenic countryside for today's adventure...the summit of Akramitis, the second highest in Rhodes, is our goal! The hike gradually ascends on green slopes under cypress trees overlooking the bay of Apollakia. Soon the hiking trail becomes more challenging as we maneuver over the rocks that make up our path. Wherever you look there are amazing photo opportunities, with views of the surrounding area from the best angles possible. At one point you'll find yourself surrounded by colorful and scented shrubs and herbs. This meadow-like area leads you to the first stop of the day – the tiny old chapel of St John. Here you will have a welcome snack enjoying one of the pies Greece is famous for, and then it’s onwards and upwards to the top.

Just before you arrive, you find yourself again scrambling over rocks for a short time but once you reach the summit you will be lost for words. From the top of the mountain, you get to see both sides of Rhodes, the nearby islands, the lake in Apollakia, Attaviros (the highest mountain on Rhodes) and inland Rhodes. Akramitis may not be the highest mountain of Rhodes, but its breathtaking sheer drops at the summit, dense tree shade and ever changing surroundings more than make up for it. For our descent we'll follow a different route, one that takes us through a forest of tall pine trees.

We'll make our way back to Rhodes town where you'll have the evening free to wander and get lost.

Today's hike is rated MODERATE with a total distance of 5.5 miles, hiking time of 3-4 hours, an elevation gain of 1580 feet, and the same 1580 of elevation loss. The hike starts at an altitude of 1250 feet and tops out at 2707 feet. The trail is sometimes rocky and exposed, and requires better-than-average hiking balance skills.

Day 4 - Tilos

This morning we'll check out, grab our luggage and hop on one of the amazing Greek ferries for the passage to the island of Tilos. We'll disembark in the small port of Livadia, our home for the next two days. When we arrive we'll check into our sea view rooms at a beautiful coastal resort, complete with a private beach. Tilos is an island totally off the beaten track, with a rough, mountainous and verdant landscape, but very few people, only about 500 permanent residents. The hills and plains are home to four hundred species of flowers and herb, and are inhabited by numerous species of rare birds like Bonelli’s eagle, hawks, nightingales, goldfinches, herons, and bee-eaters. It has tiny picturesque villages and charming beaches. This is the place where the last elephants of Europe lived: The 4-5 foot tall dwarf-elephants appeared in the island 45,000 years ago and disappeared only 4,000 years ago!
The whole island constitutes a vast ecological park and is protected by international treaties. In ancient times, Tilos was famous for its herbs and became prosperous during the classic period, when the famous female poet, Irinna, lived on the island.

After getting settled we'll head out into the countryside for our first hike on Tilos. This is a hike which combines all you have ever dreamed of when thinking about Greece. We start from Mikro Chorio (meaning small village in Greek). Once a highly populated village, it is now deserted. Houses have been abandoned and they remain along with the narrow alleys, green courtyards and its few present inhabitants – goats. Truly a unique experience to stroll through a “ghost” village on a Greek mountaintop. Past the village our trail leads us through a wild and picturesque valley towards the coast, eventually meeting the dramatic coastline, complete with lovely beaches and overlooking nearby islands. Amazing views abound all day, with rocky landscapes dotted with villages giving way to the azure Mediterranean sea.

This afternoon is free to enjoy the amazing private waterfront of our resort. Small rocky beaches are broken up with plenty of nooks to perch along the shore, with chairs and umbrellas to relax in. Swim, snorkel, sunbathe, or just hang out. The scenery is amazing and your room is just steps away. There’s even a bar in case you get thirsty!

Tonight we'll have a group dinner at one of our favorite seaside restaurants. Fresh seafood is always on the menu, as are many other regional specialties! As dusk falls and the shadows lengthen over the water, you'll want to park yourself at an outdoor table at one of the town's small waterside tavernas to relax and enjoy the vibe.

Today's hike is rated EASY with a total distance of 3 miles, hiking time of 2-3 hours, an elevation gain of 315 feet, and 978 of elevation loss. The hike starts at an altitude of 787 feet and tops out at 817 feet. The trail is mostly open and exposed, with little shade. The trail surface alternates between sandy, mostly easy walking and rock-strewn sections requiring good balance skills.

Non-Hiking Ideas: If you decide to opt out of today's hike, you might consider wandering the laid-back village of Livadia to see a true slice of Greek island life, hanging out with the locals in the tiny town square should provide plenty of island gossip. The other town on Tilos is Megalo Chorio, perched at the base of a nearby mountain, a taxi (or rental car) ride away. You can spend some time wandering its tiny streets, not many tourists find their way there. And you can spend some quality beach time at our resort...it's the best waterfront on the island.

Day 5 - Panteleimonas

This morning we'll enjoy a relaxing breakfast and then prepare ourselves for our hiking adventure, the trail to Agios Panteleimonas, a monastery built in 1531 AD by a sailor, who survived a shipwreck and had a vision of Saint Panteleimon in his dreams. As a result he decided to build the monastery to honor the saint who had saved him. And, as the myth goes, he discovered a natural spring at the spot where he decided to build the monastery! Nowadays, Agios Panteleimonas stands imposingly on top of a mountain slope, surrounded by maple trees, a juxtaposition to its harsh surroundings and a rare sight for an island. The trail starts on the outskirts of the Monastery and immediately begins to traverse the stunning mountain slopes. Amazing views abound, from the beautiful rocky landscape all around to the shimmering sea far below. Four hours of hiking will bring us to Eristos, where our coach awaits to take us back to the resort.

This afternoon you can rack up some quality beach time, and later you'll be free to explore Livadia to find the perfect cozy seaside restaurant.

Today's hike is rated as CHALLENGING with a total distance of 5 miles, hiking time of 4 hours, an elevation gain of 1125 feet, and 2037 of elevation loss. The hike starts at an altitude of 938 feet and tops out at 1421 feet before ending at sea level. The trail is very exposed with a rocky surface, requiring above-average hiking balance skills.

Day 6 - Symi

One of the excellent Greek ferries will move us today to the picturesque island of Symi. While approaching the port of Symi, one has the overwhelming feeling of entering a perfectly painted image of a scenic traditional village. As you glimpse the dreamy harbor of Gialos town for the first time you'll be captivated by it's charm. Wonderfully well-preserved houses huddled together as they cling to the steeply rising hills beyond. Symi has a true romantic charm enhanced by the lack of any high-rise hotel developments that can be found on other islands. Few can resist the superb spectacle of the town of Symi showing off its impeccable architecture. Your friends back home will think your photos of Symi have been photoshopped!

After checking in to our beautiful accommodations in the town center, we'll enjoy a walking tour of Gialos town with a local guide. Symi is an excellent place to wander and get lost, so we'll have the rest of the day is free to explore, shop, or maybe find a nearby beach to swim. While you meander, keep your eyes open for a place to eat tonight, you'll have plenty of dining choices for dinner. You might try the island specialty of "Symi Shrimp", tiny shrimp that are pan-friend and eaten whole, in the shell.

Day 7 - Agios Emilianos

Another beautiful morning on a Greek island, another beautiful morning hike! Today we'll trek clear across the island, marveling at the vistas that seem to open up every few minutes. The trail winds through rocky island landscape is dotted with junipers, eventually leading to the stunningly beautiful beach of Emilianos, named for the tiny monastery perched on an equally tiny islet just offshore. Here we'll enjoy our well-deserved beach party, with food, drinks, and of course, the sea! Later in the afternoon our private boat will transport us back to Yialos town and our hotel. If time permits we’ll stop along the way and have a swim break in a deserted cove.

Tonight, we'll enjoy a marvelous farewell dinner at a fun little restaurant in the town. Prepare yourself for an evening of good wine, great food, and lots of laughs. We'll be reliving all of the adventures we had, exchanging addresses and photos, and planning our next vacation!

Today's hike is rated MODERATE with a total distance of 3.7 miles, hiking time of 2-3 hours, an elevation gain of 459 feet, and 1132 of elevation loss. The hike starts at an altitude of 673 feet and tops out at 951 feet, ending at sea level. The terrain alternates between shaded forest paths and open rocky hillsides.

Non-Hiking Ideas: If you decide to opt out of today's hike, you have quite a few options. You could kill an entire day exploring Symi-town itself...lots of little streets and shops. Or get some exercise by visiting the small town of Chorio, perched on top of the hill above the port. Be warned, it's 500 steps up, but will reward you with beautiful Neoclassical homes and even the ruins of a Venetian castle! You can take a local bus, taxi or boat to visit the famous Panormitis monastery, with its impressive Greek Orthodox church. Symi also hosts two adjoining museums...Archaeological and Folklore. Just a few minutes away, Pedi Beach is a beautiful little beachside town, perfect for a laid-back afternoon. You can also book a kayak trip here to explore the gorgeous coastline and hidden beaches. In the other direction is an even more laid-back beach, Emporio...just a taxi ride away.

Day 8 - Go Get Lost Day-Rhodes Town!

Today we'll have a ferry transfer back to Rhodes and check into our 4 Star hotel in the modern town district just north of the old medieval center. This area has a LOT to do; pedestrian streets lined with shops. Plenty of bars, restaurants, night life, casinos, and beach resorts. A totally different experience than the first two days in Rhodes. You can shop-til-you-drop, explore the various neighborhoods, or spend the day relaxing on a manicured beach. Also this area is much easier to transfer through, which makes your taxi to the airport for your departure flight far simpler.

Day 9 - Gia Sou

Today after breakfast your Go Get Lost tour will end. You can easily arrange a cab to the airport for your departure flight.


Due to availability at the time of booking, hotels listed may change to similar hotels

Rhodes - 4 Star Avalon Boutique Hotel An intimate and historic retreat within the walls of the imposing Medieval City of Rhodes, the Avalon is a unique property combining the individual style reminiscent of the past with modern conveniences of higher aesthetics to provide maximum comfort and a luxurious stay. The warmth and cosyness transpired by every corner and area of the Avalon Boutique Hotel allows dwellers to discover the particularities of the architectural style present in the imposing fortified enclave of the Old Town of Rhodes. Staying in these luxury suites in Rhodes harmoniously combines the present and past, inciting visitors towards enjoying the best in quality amenities. To preserve the magical ambiance of the structure, the Avalon underwent an impressive reconstruction under the strict supervision of the Archaeological Authority, with respect to the urban structure and the historical characteristics of the area.


Rhodes - 4 Star Nikos Takis Fashion Hotel Right in the heart of the medieval town of Rhodes, and just a few steps from the Grand Master's Palace and the Knights street, you will find Nikos Takis Fashion Boutique Hotel which was recently renovated by the well-known fashion designers Nikos and Takis. Every single corner in this hotel is reflecting a great oriental atmosphere with bright colours, and of course all the modern facilities that make it perfect choice for a short or even longer, pleasant stay. Be their guest and experience the magic moments of…”A Thousand And One Nights” in one of their rooms and suites.

Tilos – Ilidi Rock Suites and Apartments This superb accommodation occupies a sensational, landscaped position, almost overhanging the sea, at the entrance to Livadia Harbour. There are two little beaches immediately below, so pre-breakfast swims are easy. The rough path into the village takes less than 10 minutes, but because the apartments are built on the mountainside, access is steep and there are flights of steps leading to the accommodation. Ilidi consists of five separate buildings. Each suite and apartment has its own spacious terrace with views over the bay. The furnishings and fittings are of the very best - colour coordinated and unbelievably smart and tasteful. The same attention has been paid to the specifications of the bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms - the raised bed platform allows you to admire the views from some of the studios without putting a foot out of bed!

Symi – 4 Star Iapetos Village Hotel Iapetos Village is an oasis in the heart of Symi. This luxury property consists of a group of traditional houses that surround the exotic garden and the hotel’s stunning pool. Iapetos stands out not only for its location & the comforts of its rooms but also for the friendly service & professionalism of their staff. Our accommodations are their stunning Apartments and Suites, each uniquely decorated in excellent design and a warm island atmosphere.

Last Night...Rhodes

Rhodes - 4 Star Acandia Hotel At the heart of the island, it is close by the Casino (3 minutes walk), the Medieval Old Town of Rhodes (15 minutes walk or 9 minutes taxi ride), the city center and the beach (6 minutes walk). The hotel was built in 1965 in the famous historical Niochori neighborhood, named after the ancient Acandia harbor in Rhodes. There used to be five ports: the North, the Acandia, the Commercial port, the Military harbor and the Western port. In ancient times, a canal connected the military harbor with the Western port to transport ships, in the event of inclement weather. That very same canal passed through the area where the hotel is built on today and during excavation a trireme was found, hence the hotel's logo.

What´s Included

  • 3 Nights Double Occupancy Accommodations in 4-Star boutique hotels in Rhodes town
  • 2 Nights Double Occupancy Apartment or Suite Accommodations in a beach resort on Tilos
  • 2 Nights Double Occupancy Apartment or Suite Accommodations in a 4-Star hotel on Symi
  • 1 Night Double Occupancy Accommodations in 4-Star business-class hotel in Rhodes town
  • Meals as Specified: 8 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 3 Dinners
  • All guided hikes as listed
  • Free use of trekking poles for the duration of the tour
  • Beach party and boat transfer on Symi
  • Walking tour of Yialos town on Symi
  • All ferry transfers as listed
  • Sightseeing and entrance fees as specified in itinerary
  • Completely escorted by a professional Greek hiking guide with local guides at specified sites throughout the itinerary
  • Gratuities for local day guides, waiters at group meals, and coach drivers, EXCEPT for your primary local tour leader
  • A lifetime of unforgettable memories!

What´s not Included

  • Airfare package
  • Departure taxes
  • Visa fees, if applicable
  • Meals not specified in itinerary
  • Beverages at meals unless specified in itinerary (water is always included except for trail box lunches, wine is included at dinners and taverna lunches)
  • Arrival/Departure transfers, tour begins at the hotel in Rhodes on the afternoon of Day 1, and the tour ends at the hotel in Rhodes on the morning of Day 9.
  • Gratuities for your primary local tour leader
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption and Medical Insurance (strongly recommended), call for details
  • Items of a personal nature; phone calls, laundry, etc.

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