Jeff’s Travel Wisdom

I’ve been traveling for as long as I can remember.

My parents were fearless travelers and as soon as I could crawl they began dragging me along on their adventures.  As soon as I became old enough to travel on my own, I was off and running.  I’ve never stopped, and decades later I find myself still tramping all over the globe, finding new destinations, discovering little-known spots, and revisiting old favorites, often with a group of like-minded clients in tow.

With all this wandering I’ve accumulated a fair bit of travel knowledge…unfortunately most of it was earned the hard way, by trial and error.  Every so often things would work out as planned, but more often than not I found myself embroiled in some adventure WAY beyond what I had anticipated.  As the years wear on I’ve found that I learn fewer lessons the hard way, but of course as long as I’m exploring new areas I still manage to rack up some interesting stories.

I do these things so my clients don’t have to.

So in the interest of making your travels a bit less “adventurous” and stressful than mine have been, I’m compiling an assortment of informative articles that might help you make your journey a little smoother.   Like the explorers of old who left their knowledge of the area on a leather manuscript hidden under a cairn of rocks, I’m leaving mine in the modern equivalent…the Go Get Lost travel website!

Gear Guides

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Travel Tips

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Sea Sickness Prevention
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Family Recipes

Sicilian Meatloaf – Polpettone di Sicilia
Domenica (Marcelli) Fafoglia’s Pasta Sauce Recipe