Mike & Jane B. Springfield IL

Having no idea what to expect from our first hiking trip, we were absolutely blown away by what an incredible trip Go Get Lost in Italy is. We have told so many of our friends that this is a must-do trip. We had never been to Europe and unfortunately we feel we have now experienced the best possible trip first! Lost in Italy will be a tough act to follow. Jeff and Amber were incredible hosts who truly understand group dynamics and worked tirelessly to make sure that everyone had a great time. It was obvious that they put a lot of thought and timeinto planning these trips. A highlight for us was being able to meet and interact with the local people and experience their incredible hospitality. We enjoyed our specific group of travelers and felt we made new friends. Lost in Italy gives you the best of all worlds…incredible views, awesome “do-able” hikes, fabulous food and a new appreciation of ancient cultures. Even though neither of us are Italian by heritage, we are sure we have been adopted by the Italian people and we must return to visit our new relatives!