Mark & Erin, NYC

Hey guys!  We just wanted to give you a heads up that most of New York City will be calling you to book a trip.  I’m pretty sure we’ve told just about everyone here what an amazing time we had!  Hiking in the Italian Alps couldn’t have been more spectacular, and you guys took great care to make every day different and special.  Our friends are loving seeing us in the chefs’ hats at the restaurant where we helped make the meal for the whole place.  Incredible.  And the picnics you guys put on will always be etched in our minds.  Good stuff.  And then there was Venice.  We weren’t sure how you were going to top the top of the world – but you did.  The little insights like going to the gondola “factory” made us feel like we were really getting the “inside” story and not just a cookie-cutter vacation tour.  Cheers you guys.  We’ll be back!  And seriously – New York will be calling.  Much love,