Cheryl & Jack P. – Westport, CT

Dear Jeff and Amber,
“We’ve only been to Italy two times and both times were with your group. So right there, that says a lot! Obviously, we love traveling with your tour. You keep it small enough so that there’s special attention paid to each person. And, although we’re on a schedule, you have an amazing ability to never make anyone feel rushed (unless, of course, you happen to get stuck in the brush on the San Costanza walk and then have to make up for lost time by running for the bus…but it was worth it, we had a great time at the pizza party!) It’s obvious you take great care to assure that there are always a variety of things to do. Since we had spent time in Siena in two years ago on the Cinque Terre and Tuscany tour, we were a little leery that there might be too much repetition on the Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast tour. However, you made sure we saw different areas of Tuscany. You knew that the majority of us had been there before, so you took the time to prepare an itinerary that was varied enough as to make everything feel fresh and new. That’s the major difference between your tours and other’s – you get to know your clients on a personal basis. And I can’t say enough about the Amalfi Coast – it’s absolutely gorgeous!!!! Seeing the area through walking and hiking definitely gives you a perspective that could never be attained in a car or on a “typical” bus tour. Most important of all, though, are the friends we’ve made. We have kept in touch with almost everyone form our last trip and got to travel with many again in this year. We’re already talking about a Sicily tour next year or the year after..We love you guys! Thanks for some wonderful memories.”