Celeste W. Washington, D.C.

This was my third trip with Lost in Italy and once again, it was a memorable time.  The hikes were excellent – particularly Mt.Etna, which was truly an experience of a lifetime! (Note to future Mt. Etna hikers; when the Fafoglias advise to bring warm clothes to Sicily, they are not crazy; they actually mean it!  They are crazy about other things, but that’s another conversation for another day.) The Vulcano walk was also exciting, especially navigating around the sulfur holes.  The meals, whether dinners at restaurants or picnics on the trail, were carefully chosen so that we had an opportunity to sample the local fare.  And the vino…well, I’d be surprised if there was any left in Sicily upon our departure, particularly after the bus trip back from the Torrepallino winery, or those many nights on the hotel terraces.  It’s a good thing that what happens in Sicily stays in Sicily!

Of course, the most significant part of the trip was the reunion with dear friends from prior Lost in Italy hikes and meeting new friends.  Jeff, Amber, Steve, and Joanie, mille grazie for a wonderful vacation and all of your special efforts to make the trip magical. 
A presto!