Carmen and Jack P. Illinois

We first hear about “Lost in Italy” from friends who had gone on a previous trip.  They came back with lots of great stories of beautiful scenery and great food and wine.  So when they asked us to go to Sicily, we said “Why not?”  It has to be one of the best decisions we have ever made.  Not only did we have great scenery, food, and wine, but we met and played with wonderful people from across the country.  We got more than our money’s worth.  We got to see and experience things that we would never have found on our own – who would have thought that we would be raving to our friends back home about the fabulous water buffalo farm!  The walking excursions were outstanding and we only wish we had trained on a few more steps!  We can’t wait until the next adventure with Steve and Jeff.

Life is too short to NOT Get Lost in Italy!