Amy A. Dallas, TX

Hello Jeff & Steve,

I hope you both made it back safe & sound and that your Sicily tour had a great group of folks (well, never as great as ours!). My brother Roger and I had sooo much fun – I could have hiked another day or two! I know he wants to go back too and bring his wife next time, but if he does before I do, I will be extremely jealous!!! I came back to work and everything else, but my mind was still in Italy. It took awhile to get back to my reality!

I wanted to thank you both for an experience that surpassed my expectations. I had to go on and on about my Italian adventure to my friends and family; I even referred one of my bosses colleagues to your website. Everything was just so wonderful – the hiking, the culture & the people and with you guys handling the logistics, it was worry-free for us. I also enjoyed the different places we were taken, not overrun by the rest of the tourists. The hardest part about it all, is that I want to go back to Italy and I want to go back soon!! Thank you again for making my first Italy experience one of the very best. I plan to return!