Activity Level Guide – Easy Exploring

Easy Exploring trips are just what they say…Easy. You can add “laid-back”, “relaxed”, and “easygoing”. Easy Exploring trips are about pure relaxation and enjoyment, giving you the quality time you need to soak up the ambiance of an area. Of course we stay true to our Go Get Lost philosophy of immersing you in the culture, introducing you to plenty of the fun local characters, indulging in the superb regional cuisine, veering off the beaten path quite often, visiting the “can’t miss” sights, but still giving you plenty of time to explore and get lost on your own. Easy Exploring trips have no hiking or biking, instead relying on transfers and easy strolling to explore the towns and villages. You’ll have plenty of help from your local guides and tour leader, and private transfers are the norm.

There really is only one “activity level” on our Easy Exploring tours…Really Easy. Those two words say it all!