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8 Days

Journey with us to the Amalfi Coast, one of the most beautiful coastlines on the planet. You’ll explore tiny pastel villages perched precariously on impossibly steep hillsides that plunge into the blue water of the Mediterranean. You’ll walk on trails that wind over the cliffs and offer views that are as unbelievable as they are breathtaking. We’ll wander the amazing city of Pompeii, preserved by a volcanic eruption and covered in ash for almost 2000 years, and walk “in” the ash on the still active volcano of Vesuvius. And we’ll hike beautiful valleys cut into the coastal mountains that provide excellent access to explore towns and villages not seen by the bus tourists. The highlight of this trip is the incredible trail named “Pathway of the Gods” for its godlike views of the coastline. Once you’ve walked these breathtaking seaside routes you’ll understand why this area is one of our most popular places to visit…and re-visit!

True to our “get lost” philosophy, we’ll ease into the pulse of the Italian experience and find the real Italy…we’ll walk the walks, feast on the food, meet the people, and live the life.

This tour is led by Steve and Joan Fafoglia, company founders and two of the most experienced group leaders to be found. They have the same travel bug that infects their entire family. Back in the 90’s, their love of wandering to the far corners, combined with Steve’s ties to his family’s homeland of Italy, led he and his brother Jeff to start a tour operations business aptly named “Lost in Italy”. “Go Get Lost” soon followed, and today, Steve and Joan have logged over two decades of leading adventurous travelers to their favorite destinations of Italy, Ireland, Iceland and Slovenia. In between shepherding his loyal flock around Europe, Steve can also be found leading groups beneath the waves as a scuba guide in exotic locales such as Bonaire, Cozumel, Palau, Galapagos, and the Philippines.

“I think it’s amazing to see the difference a trip to a foreign land can make in someone’s life. I never cease to appreciate how lucky I am to be a part of that.”

Tour Dates & Pricing

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Day 1 - Ben Venuti Sorrento

Clients arrive individually, check in to the 4-Star Plaza Sorrento Hotel in the heart of Sorrento.
Your Go Get Lost Group Leader will host a pre-dinner wine tasting party to introduce you to some of the excellent but little-known local vintages. Afterwards you’ll have an easy orientation walk through the tiny streets of the town.

Eventually you’ll make your way to one of their favorite local "off-the-beaten-path" trattorias for your first meal in Southern Italy! Be prepared for a different taste experience from what you’re used to, as southern Italy has always been considered a separate country, both politically and gastronomically. Sorrentine cuisine is famous for fresh Mediterranean seafood prepared as only the Italians can. Seafood, buffalo mozzarella, red peppers, olives and lemons all figure prominently in regional dishes which are best washed down with the silky white Falanghina wine. The rich volcanic soil of the region produces fruits and vegetables of incomparable flavor. The best hazelnuts, almonds, and walnuts are grown here and find their way into many local pasta dishes and desserts. The extravagant pastries, gelatos, and ices of Sicily are also much in evidence. The crowning achievement of local culinary talent, however, is pizza, which was perfected here, along with the use of the tomato that was refined to an art by the local chefs. Not to be outdone, the local vintners produce Taurasi, one of the best red wines in Italy, and Lacrima Christi, (Tears of Christ), one of the most famous red and white wines in Campania.

Day 2 - Pompeii and Vesuvio

After breakfast you’ll be joined b a local guide for the short trip to the fascinating archaeological site of Pompeii, situated on the lower slopes of the still active volcano Vesuvius. On August 23, 79 AD, the eruption of Vesuvius buried the city of 20,000 inhabitants and entombed their culture for nearly 2000 years. Here, like nowhere else in the world, it's possible to see how the people of ancient times lived their daily lives. We will have our own private guide while exploring Pompeii, and if time permits we can wander the huge town on our own as we try to imagine what life was like 20 centuries ago.

After the magic of Pompeii, we’ll have an unforgettable excursion to one of the most iconic and exciting sites in Italy…Mount Vesuvius! Vesuvio, (as the Italians call it), dominates the landscape here, and you’ll explore it's fascinating landscape on foot. Be prepared for a steep climb, but the views are worth it.

Your day is not over just yet, but it is time to relax a bit. We’ll make our way to a local winery and have some time to explore the vineyards and have a tasting of 3 type of wines, along with a light lunch.

Sorrento comes alive at night, with townspeople and tourists thronging the brightly lit streets and squares. With lively restaurants, shops, bars and street stands, Sorrento is a slice of small-town Italian life. This evening you’ll be free to explore to find the perfect spot for dinner.

Day 3 - Punta Campanella

After breakfast this morning you’ll have a short, scenic transfer to the town of Termini where you’ll begin your walk. Punta Campanella is a land steeped in history and legends, according to the Odysseus it was here that Ulysses met the Sirens, and in fact the Greeks built a temple in honor of Athens on the site, a structure which the Romans later converted into a Sanctuary devoted to Minerva. In the 14th century a watch tower was built on the promontory, to guard against Saracen attack from the sea. On the top of the tower there was a bell which was rung in case of danger and to communicate with the other towers positioned along the coast. This is where the Ancient Greek and Roman ships loaded with offerings for the Goddess Minerva used to land. As you look up at the rocky ridge, you may be able to spy the Oscan inscription which indicated the mooring point for the Sanctuary.
Nowadays the ancient Greeks and Romans are gone, but the astounding vistas remain. You’ll have amazing views of the Bay of Ieranto on one side and the Isle of Capri on the other. All along the shoreline you’ll marvel at the rocky, sunbaked mountains meeting the deep blue of the Mediterranean.

This evening you’ll go “off the beaten path” into the hills overlooking Sorrento to one of our favorite local spots…to make pizza! This area is the home of authentic Italian pizza, so what better place to learn?

Day 4 - Capri!

This morning you’ll use the local fast ferry from the Port of Sorrento to reach the fabled Isle of Capri. This delightful island has been the playground of the rich and famous ever since Emperor Tiberius built his villa here two thousand years ago. Together with your trekking guide you will hike to the ruins of Villa Jovis, the largest of Tiberius villas covering over 63,000 square feet! You can admire the grandeur of what it once was, and marvel at the views as well. Afterwards, time permitting, we might meander along the scenic Arco Naturale walk, a stone path that winds along the coastline, sometimes hundreds of feet above the pounding surf. The high point is the towering stone arch that plummets into the sea, with a great vantage point for photos of the Faragliones, striking stone cliffs rising from the water just offshore.

For all your efforts you’ll be rewarded with lunch in a typical Caprese restaurant, to relax and recharge. After lunch we’ll have the afternoon free…you can visit the tiny town of Anacapri or perhaps take the chairlift to the peak of Monte Solaro for some more amazing views! Although the scenery along the coast in Capri can be picture-postcard perfect, some of you may feel that the best part is the shopping district in the towns of Anacapri and Capri. Along stretches of shaded cobblestone roads are boutiques from every major fashion house, clothing designer, and jewelry store in Italy…Fendi, Gucci, Ferragamo, Armani, Versace, Prada, Cerruti, Magli, etc. Truly a shopper's paradise!

This afternoon we’ll catch the ferry back to Sorrento. Tonight you’re free to wander Sorrento and rub elbows with the locals.

Day 5 - Amalfi and Ravello

After breakfast today we’ll check out of our hotel and have a short transfer to the kitchen of Chef Carmen. Here we’ll roll up our sleeves and let her teach us how to create and cook a traditional Italian menu. Of course afterwards we’ll get to enjoy the fruits of our labors, along with some excellent local wines!

After lunch we can sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery as our private coach takes us for a spin on one of the most breathtakingly beautiful roads in the world, the Amalfi Drive. Hewn from the cliffs hundreds of feet above the blue Mediterranean, the road winds along the coastline from Sorrento to Amalfi, on the far side of the Sorrentine Peninsula. Built in a tiny picturesque valley overlooking the sea, the charmng town of Amalfi was a maritime power in the middle ages but today is just a small town nestled in one of the most stunning coastlines imaginable. We’ll have a pleasant guided tour of this village and some free time to wander.

Later in the day we’ll have a very short transfer up into the mountains overlooking Amalfi to the enchanting town of Ravello, with medieval streets, garden villas and ancient stone pathways, it’s the perfect place to call home for the next few days. After we check into our hotel, the 4-Star Plaza Rufolo, you’ll have some time to relax and refresh. Tonight your group leader will take you to one of his favorite local restaurants for another spectacular dinner.

Day 6 - Pathway of the Gods

Today's journey is along one of the most famous walkways in the world, the "Sentieri dei Degli", or “Pathway of the Gods”. Named for its godlike views of the dreamy coastline below and the misty islands far in the distance. Our coach will climb up the zigzag coastal road threading its way through tiny communities clinging to the mountainside, eventually arriving at the village of Bomerano where our walk begins.
Soon we find ourselves faced with breathtaking views in all directions as the path winds through rugged terrain along the shoulder of the mountains, cutting through olive groves, vineyards, and abandoned stone farmhouses. Often we share our route with goats, donkeys, and the occasional circling hawk. Outdoor publications often list the "Pathway of the Gods" as one of the "10 Most Spectacular Walks in The World". You'll understand why as you gaze in awe at the combination of rugged mountains, tiny hillside farms, sun-drenched cliffs, endless blue Mediterranean, and our tiny flower-lined path picking its way through all of this splendid scenery. By midday our stroll will find us winding through the incredibly tiny streets of a hidden hillside hamlet. Here we’ll relax and enjoy a typical Italian pasta and vino lunch at “the” local café overlooking the Med nearly a thousand feet below us! After ample time to recharge, we soon find ourselves back out in the countryside and enjoying more stunning views as we slowly descend into the beautiful but bizarre town of Positano, literally built on the side of the mountain!
Positano is said to be the only town in the world organized on a vertical rather than horizontal plan! Pastel houses, hundreds of balconies and flower bedecked patios, and the golden dome of the town church make Positano a memorable sight. We’ll have some time to wander the through the lanes, (and stairs), and shops of Positano as we wind our way down to the beach. A barefoot stroll in the surf with the multi-hued town of Positano towering over you is something you won’t soon forget.

Day 7 - Valley of the Mills

More dramatic views will fill our day as we explore the picturesque region around the towns of Ravello and Amalfi. Our route in the Lattari Mountains will lead us through deep woodland paths, small farms and lemon groves, and through charming, sleepy villages. You'll enjoy dramatic views of the seaside towns of Amalfi and Atrani, along with the always photogenic coastline. After snapping as many photos as possible, we'll head nto Amalfi. The rest of the afternoon is free to explore the town and its many shops and cafés. Our coach will return us to Ravello later in the day. This evening is free to explore the town to discover a new ristorante.
Tonight your group leader has a special farewell dinner planned. An after-dinner limoncello or cappuccino recapping your weeks adventures will be the end of another perfect Italian day.

Day 8 - Arrivederci Italia

Your Go Get Lost tour ends after breakfast this morning. Depending on your destination, we can arrange a group transfer to either Naples or Rome airport.

What´s Included

  • 4 nights stay at the 4-Star Sorrento Plaza Hotel in Comfort room
  • 3 nights stay at the 4-Star Hotel Rufolo in Ravello in Superior Sea View rooms
  • Daily breakfast, 6 lunches, 4 dinners
  • Evening orientation with wine tastings on arrival
  • Welcome dinner with local wine
  • Private coach transfers as per program (Days 2-7)
  • Ferry from Sorrento to Capri and return
  • Minibus in Capri at disposal
  • Bus 4x4 to reach the crater of Vesuvio
  • Trekking guide at Vesuvio
  • 2 hours guided tour of Pompeii
  • Entrances at Vesuvio Park and Pompeii
  • Wine tasting and lunch at Wine Estate “Sorrentini Vino”
  • Dinner Pizza party on day 3 at “Le Colline di Sorrento”
  • Lunch in Capri with local wine
  • Hands on cooking class in Sorrento with lunch to follow
  • Lunch in Montepertuso with wine
  • Picnic in Pontone
  • Farewell dinner
  • Go Get Lost Group Leader with local guides each day
  • Local city taxes

What´s not Included

  • Airfare package
  • Arrival and departure transfers
  • Gratuities
  • Visa fees, if applicable
  • Meals not specified in itinerary
  • Beverages at meals unless specified in itinerary (water is always included)
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption and Medical Insurance (strongly recommended), call for details
  • Items of a personal nature; phone calls, laundry, etc.

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