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When most people think of Italy, the first thing that comes to mind is food and wine. And rightfully so, Italy has some of the most renown cuisine in the world. And let’s not forget the incredible wine from the various regions of Italy.

But for others, when they think of Italy, they think of something a bit different. They think luxury performance automobiles. From some of the most famous manufacturers such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, to some of the lesser known exotic automobile designers such as Pagani. Italian racing machines have dominated the world since the invention of the automobile itself.

If you’re one of the individuals that most relate to the automobiles of Italy, this tour might just be for you. Or if you’re just looking for something a bit different, something that is not your typical tour of Italy, you might also be intrigued by this tour. We’ve taken everything that’s great about Italy, wrapped it around an impressive tour of luxury Italian automobiles, and served it with luxury 5-star suite accommodations, Michelin starred restaurants, and a level of service that will make you feel like a VIP.

We’ll start in the “Terra del Motori” (Motor Valley), home to some of the world’s most well-known luxury automobiles. During this portion of our tour, we’ll visit the Ferrari museum and the factories Lamborghini and Pagani, getting an up close and personal look at how these beautiful cars are built. For those that want to get behind the wheel of an Italian sports car, we even have a track event that will put you on an Italian race circuit in a Ferrari 458! We’ll also have some face time with one of the most renowned car designers in the world…Horacio Pagani!

But what’s a trip to Italy without experiencing the food, wine, and culture? While we’re here, we’ll also spend several days experiencing the Go Get Lost version of classic Tuscany, including visits to San Gimignano, Siena, and the Tuscan countryside. We have some incredible activities planned, including a walk in a vineyard with a sommelier, private cooking class with a Michelin chef, wine tastings, balsamic vinegar factory tour, many amazing meals and more.

All of our group tours are also offered as private tours for individuals or groups…pick your own dates!

Tour Dates & Pricing

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Day 1: Bologna

You should plan to arrive by midday in the Bologna airport, where your private driver will meet you to transfer you to your luxurious 5-Star hotel, perfectly situated in the center of the city, where you'll enjoy junior suite accommodations. Italy is a country known for its outstanding cuisine, and Bologna is known as the culinary epicenter of Italy. Boasting some of the best restaurants, culinary academies and chefs in the entire country, and blessed with proximity to some of the world's greatest wine regions, the food scene in this enchanting city is outstanding! This evening you'll have a "get-acquainted" dinner with your guide and the rest of your group at one of Bologna's finest restaurants, located right in the hotel. Plate after plate of incredible food will magically appear in front of you, all you have to do is make it disappear! Bolognese cuisine reflects the best dishes in all of Italy. Robust and flavorful, a wide variety of pastas, meats and cheeses are presented in a staggering variety of dishes, expertly paired with local vintages. Experiment and enjoy!

To top off your first night in Italy we'll join the locals for the traditional after-dinner passagiatta (stroll) and perhaps visit our favorite gelato bar! All of the great food and wine combined with a little jet lag will ensure that you sleep well tonight!

Day 2: Maranello and the Ferrari Museum

After an excellent breakfast at the hotel we'll have a private transfer to the nearby town of Maranello for a visit to the Museo Ferrari, the world’s most prestigious Ferrari museum and exhibition. Enthusiastic fans will discover an astounding display with as many as 40+ cars and an impressive pit-stop reconstruction. You’ll be inspired by the stunning “Hall of Victory” featuring some of the most famous race-winning vehicles in history, backed by huge video screens recounting the historic moments. After our incredible Ferrari experience, we travel to a nearby balsamic tasting facility where we see how the world famous Balsamico di Modena is made by this same family for four generations. After a light lunch we’ll return to Bologna for a walking tour with a local Bolognese guide. She’ll introduce us to the shopping and food district that literally surrounds our hotel. Whew! What a great first day!!

Day 3: Lamborghini, Pagani, and Pasta

After a classic Italian breakfast we depart from our hotel via our private coach. Our first destination will be the little village of Sant'Agata Bolognese, also known as the home of Lamborghini, where we will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in one of the most legendary automobile cultures in the world. Inside the Lamborghini factory we’ll tour the Lamborghini museum, where we’ll have the chance to admire some of the most famous models of the company, including the first production model built by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1964, the 350GT. From there, we move on through the years to see other renowned models, including chassis 001 of the legendary Countach! Ever seen a Lamborghini Aventador? How about one mounted side-ways on the wall?! Well, this will likely be the only place you'll see this. After time in the museum we'll enjoy a private guided tour through Lamborghini's assembly lines to get behind the scenes and learn how these incredible cars are built. After this unique Lamborghini adventure, we’ll go to one of our favorite local ristorante for a fantastic lunch, featuring regional dishes.

This afternoon we have a very special event planned…a visit to the very exceptional, very exclusive Pagani factory. Hand-crafting only a handful of supercars each year, each costing millions of dollars, Horacio Pagani’s small factory/workshop is a testament to the Italian concept of art fused with engineering. In the showroom you will be able to see a scale model of the very first Pagani sportscar and the first race car he ever built, at the age of 20! We will also experience a guided visit of the production workshop. Depending on the timing of our tour, we may have the opportunity for a private meeting with Mr. Pagani in his workshop.

After being overwhelmed by the artistry of Pagani, you’ll be ready to switch gears and think about something other than autos…like cuisine!

Awaiting us this evening we have a cooking class and a fabulous dinner! Those that would like to enjoy learning the secrets of the Bologna cuisine can roll up their sleeves and join one of the most famous Michelin chefs in Italy, Luca Marchini, at his renown restaurant. Those that would prefer to sit back, enjoy the wine and watch the action can do so. Afterwards, when we all sit down for a sumptuous 10 course dinner, we’ll discover why Bologna has earned the title “Food Capital of Italy”.

Day 4: Autodromo di Modena and the F1 Italian Circuit

After breakfast, if you're still all worked up over the incredible cars we've seen over the past two days and you’re dreaming of yourself behind the wheel, then today your dream comes true! You’ll have a unique opportunity to drive a high-performance Italian automobile on an Italian circuit. After a technical briefing, you'll suit up, get wired up with an interphone and helmet, get strapped in behind the wheel of a Ferrari 458 Challenger, and you're off. After five laps around the track with a professional driving instructor at your side, you’ll feel like you’re ready for Formula One!

To relax after the adrenaline-rush of the track, we'll sit down to another world-class meal by chef Massimo Bottura at his Michelin restaurant Osteria Francescana. After lunch we'll take some time to visit the nearby Casa Museo of Pavarotti, and the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena. Built around the actual house where he lived, this remarkable museum traces Enzo Ferraris life and rise to fame as the world’s foremost race car designer. , You’ll also be treated to displays of some of the more famous Ferrari engines along with an impressive assortment of many classic Ferrari autos, from the earliest productions to the latest speed demons.

This evening you have a "night-off" to wander on your own to discover some of Bologna's hidden culinary gems.

Day 5: The Tuscan Hills and Vineyards

Today we bid “arrivederci” to Bologna and journey through the picturesque Chianti countryside to experience the Tuscan vineyard culture. The landscape in this area is the optimum combination of rolling hills covered with grape vines alternating with forested tracts. With a near perfect combination of sun, soil, and vines, the winemakers of this region have lifted their craft to unprecedented heights. We'll visit one of the premier vineyards, have a wine tasting of some of their best vintages, with a wonderful meal following!

As the sun sinks over the vineyards and farms of Tuscany, we’ll board our private coach and travel a short distance to Siena, one of the most unique walled medieval cities in all of Europe. After checking into our suites in a magnificent 5-Star hotel in the center of the old city, a local guide will provide a glimpse into the special local culture and history of Siena. We’ll then have a walking tour of the winding cobblestone streets of the fascinating and vibrant city center. Tonight your guides will take you to one of their favorite local restaurants and introduce you to the wonderful world of Tuscan cuisine! Siena has a wonderful selection of excellent restaurants, with an entirely new assortment of regional cuisine to experience. An after dinner passegiatta around Siena’s stunning Campo, or town square, will cap off another perfect day in Italia.

Day 6: Tuscan Countryside - Volterra and San Gimignano

Today our journey will take us to an entirely new area of Tuscany to explore two very different medieval towns. First we'll visit the Etruscan city of Volterra, perched on a mountaintop and surrounded by ominous stone walls. Founded long before the Romans arrived, Volterra, with its massive rough stone buildings and maze of cobblestone streets, still retains the intimidating atmosphere that led it to dominate the surrounding area for many centuries. Famous for the alabaster mines nearby, the artisan shops of Volterra are world-renown for their alabaster works. After ample time wandering Volterra, we'll arrive at the wonderfully quirky town of San Gimignano. Known today for its ceramics, leathers, and Italian memorabilia, it was also once a powerful city-state with 72 towers scattered throughout the city. Today there are a mere 14 remaining, but there is a fascinating museum with a replica of the city as it was in its heyday with all 72 towers displayed. It is also the home of what some say is the best gelato shop in all of Tuscany. It's difficult to leave here without sampling their astounding selection!

Eventually we leave this beautiful village and make our way to a nearby farm where the hosts will treat us to one of the most incredible lunches you'll experience. This small farm also produces its own wines which will pair perfectly with our meal. This evening, after we have returned to Siena and had time to freshen up and rest, we walk to a small Enoteca where we enjoy a wine tasting in a private cellar with the sommelier, an expert in the wines of this region. This experience will be a memorable one for all. You will have the rest of the evening free to find your own special ristorante.

Day 7: Brolio and the Chianti Countryside

After breakfast today we’ll relax and enjoy a scenic drive thru the enchanting Tuscan countryside to the vineyards of one of the most historic castles in all of Italy, Castello di Brolio. Our friend and local sommelier will accompany us today to explain grape and olive cultivation and harvesting. We’ll even enjoy a short walk (all downhill!) to admire the stunning Chianti views. Afterwards we'll retire to the Cantina of the Brolio Castle, where we’ll enjoy a tour of their winemaking facility. No wine tasting here, though, because we’ll save that for after the tour, when we visit the massive Brolio castle perched on top of the mountain! While you wander the grounds of the castle and take as many pictures as possible, the guides will be preparing a picnic of regional delicacies. You’ll enjoy your lunch while relaxing on the walls of the castle, overlooking the vineyards and forests of the surrounding countryside. To make our picnic even more elegant, our resident sommelier will host a wine tasting of some of the fantastic wines of Toscana. The stunning scenery may make this picnic vie for the most memorable meal yet! This afternoon we return to Siena for last minute shopping and wandering. As the darkness falls over the cobblestone streets of Siena, we’ll walk to our final group dinner at one of the guide’s favorite local restaurants. Over plates of wonderful Sienese cuisine and fine Tuscan wine, we’ll relive all our exciting adventures, laugh about our misadventures, and marvel at how much we've experienced in such a short amount of time.

Day 8: Arrivederci Italia

After breakfast you'll have a private transfer to the airport in Florence.

What´s Included

  • Private arrival transfers from Bologna airport
  • 4 nights accommodations junior suite at 5-Star Grand Hotel Majestic in Bologna
  • Welcome dinner at Il Carracci
  • Cooking class and dinner with Chef Luca Marchini
  • Ferrari Factory Museum
  • Enzo Ferrari Museum
  • Lunch at La Lumira
  • Lamborghini Museum and Factory Tour
  • Fiorano Track Experience: 5 Laps driving a Ferrari 458
  • Lunch at Massimo Bottura's restaurant Osteria Francescana
  • Pagani Museum and Factory Tour
  • Walking tour of Bologna with local guide
  • Balsamic vinegar factory tour
  • Tour, wine tasting, and lunch at a Tuscan vineyard
  • Arrival dinner in Siena
  • Wine tasting by a sommelier in Siena
  • Tour of Brolio Cantina
  • Wine tasting by a sommelier and picnic at Castello di Brolio
  • Full day excursion to Volterra and San Gimignano, with local guides
  • Farm lunch near San Gimignano
  • Farewell dinner in Siena
  • Transportation once the tour has begun. The motorcoaches and vans we use are modern, air conditioned and roomy. Our tour groups are usually between 8-18 people so we always have lots of room on our coaches to get comfortable.
  • Departure transfer to Florence airport
  • All train, ferry, hydrofoil, coach and taxi transfers as specified in itinerary.
  • All sightseeing and entrance fees as specified in itinerary
  • Completely escorted by a Go Get Lost Tour Leader with local guides at specified sites throughout the itinerary
  • A lifetime of unforgettable memories!
  • What´s not Included

    • Airfare package
    • Meals where not mentioned.
    • Beverages at meals unless specified in the itinerary (water and wine included at all group meals)
    • Gratuities for porterage, local guides, coach drivers, etc.
    • Trip Cancellation /Interruption and Medical Insurance (strongly recommended), call for details
    • Single Supplement Charge

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