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8 Days

With their spectacular fusion of sunlight, stone, and sparkling sea, the Greek Islands have attracted people for 4000 years. Located in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Greek Islands number near 6000 islands scattered across hundreds of miles of sun-kissed sea. We’ll wander wherever the winds lead us to explore many of the most popular spots…Santorini, Naxos, Paros and Ios. And in true Go Get Lost fashion we’ll wander off the beaten path to islands like Serifos, Giaros, Sikinos, and Delos. From the picturesque olive groves, to the whitewashed houses, to the remote bays that have nothing but a beach, rocky cliffs, and us…we’ll explore the islands in our private 105′ motor sailer yacht. Like all Go Get Lost adventures, we’ll be visiting the villages, sampling the wine, meeting the locals, enjoying the food, marveling at the incredible views, sampling the wine again, enjoying some more cuisine, and slowly easing into the pace of life in this magnificent corner of the globe!

Tour Dates & Pricing

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The following itinerary will be our plan, however, when exploring the Greek Islands by small boat, it's best to relax and enjoy wherever the winds lead you. There are dozens of amazing islands, and our itinerary will remain flexible to allow us to have a wonderful adventure!

Day 1 - Lavrio, Kythnos, and Serifos

Our Greek adventure starts today in the port of Lavrio, where we'll board the Aegeotissa II, our private 105' motor yacht, built in the traditional rustic Greek style, and our home for our island explorations. It features 12 private air-conditioned cabins, each with its own bathroom. The Aegeotissa II is not a typical "luxury cruise boat", but is one of the few remaining traditional boats still plying the waters of the Aegean Sea, with a functional "no-frills" atmosphere and a homey ambiance. This is the true way to experience life in the Greek Islands! There are great amenities, also...two topside decks provide a salon, bar, and ample room for sunbathing and relaxing while we watch the island scenery drift by. Our adventure starts when we board at the port of Lavrio in the late morning. You may want to arrive a day earlier and relax at a hotel in Athens to get over your jet lag and prepare for your week at sea. We offer an early arrival hotel night along with a private transfer the next morning from the hotel in Athens to Lavrio port. After we depart the harbor at midday, we'll enjoy lunch on deck of delicious Greek specialties prepared by our onboard chef while we journey to the picturesque island of Kythnos for an afternoon of swimming in a beautiful bay. Of course any Greek meal enjoyed on a boat while sailing across a picturesque bay should be washed down with some local Greek wine!

Tonight we'll anchor in the harbor of one of the small villages on Serifos. Captain Stavros' wife Maria will prepare a wonderful and authentic Greek dinner to welcome us onboard. Greek cuisine is hearty and exotic, with plenty of beef, lamb, chicken dishes cooked with spices, herbs and nuts. Vegetarians need not feel left out, as Greeks are masters of meatless dishes as well. Depending on what the local fisherman have netted, seafood may find its way onto our table as well. And of course a true Greek salad of fresh tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, and olives topped with a slab of feta is a small piece of heaven! It's best to wash all of this wonderful food down with some of the excellent Greek wines on board...make sure you try both red and white. We're free to go ashore after dinner to wander and discover a local Greek taverna for drinks and relaxing. After hanging with the locals in the town square, we can head back to our comfortable private cabins on our yacht. A late-night aperitif is best enjoyed while lying on deck and watching the Mediterranean star display.

Day 2 - Sikinos, Santorini

We'll have an early sail today in order to have a morning visit at the little island of Sikinos. Sikinos is a tiny island in the southern Cyclades between the Greek islands of Ios and Folegandros. Mass tourism hasn't reached the island in any true sense yet and you'll find that the islanders speak only a few words of English, but that they are very friendly and do their best to make you feel welcome. We'll have a chance for a wonderful morning swim or snorkel, then continue on to the famous island of Santorini, considered one of the most spectacular and stunning landscapes in the entire world.
Santorini is arguably the most famous island in Greece. It is actually small group of volcanic islands and its name refers to Saint Irene. Called also Strongili and Kalisti, the island was the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the world and what remains today is a submerged volcano and a caldera. We’ll dock at the picturesque port of Skala, at the base of imposing cliffs that plunge abruptly into the sea. This afternoon your Go Get Lost group leader will take you into the main town of Fira, perched at the top, by cablecar (or by donkey, if you prefer). Fira is perched on the edge of an impressive cliff, at a height of 800 feet, with a stunning panoramic view of the submerged volcano. You'll marvel at this typical Cycladic village made of charming white houses with blue windows and doors, separated from each other by small paved streets. Many of its beautiful buildings were constructed back in the times of the Venetian invasion, including some blue domed churches and sun-bathed verandas that offer an incredible view of the volcano and the sunset. Most of the time Fira is a busy town. During summer and into fall the central streets are crowded and filled with all kind of shops, restaurants, cafés, bars and night clubs. Despite all the hustle and bustle concentrated in town, many areas are always quiet. One can find places to relax and enjoy a glass of wine and a great view of the island. You have the rest of the day free to wander and marvel at the vistas. If you're a shopping fan, you won't be bored with Santorini...hundreds and hundreds of shops to explore, including jewelry, clothing, shoes, and much more. There's no end to the tavernas and restaurants, so you'll have lots of choices for dinner! Afterwards you can make your way back to the yacht in the harbour via cable-car.

Day 3 - Akrotiri, Ios

After breakfast this morning we'll hook up with a local guide for a private island tour, partly by coach and partly on foot. We'll leave Fira and strike out across the island with our guide as he takes us for a visit to the Akrotiri excavations of a Minoan city destroyed by the eruption of the island's volcano around 1600 BC. Our island explorations continue with a visit to a renown winery for a bit of wine-tasting, and then we’ll return to the main town of Fira.

After the hustle and bustle of Santorini, our next island stop is the extreme opposite...it's all about being laid-back and relaxed. One of the more picturesque Cycladic islands, Ios has a reputation for excellent beaches and even better nightlife, with a coastline adorned by miles of fine soft sand and crystalline emerald waters . The main town is Chora, a whitewashed village with an overabundance of Byzantine churches side-by-side with bars and clubs. The beaches are so renowned here that Ios is considered a "must-do" on the beach circuit for Greek Island aficionados. The best beach on the island is not even accessible to most of the tourists, though...but it is to us with our yacht! We'll spend some quality time relaxing in our "private" bay, swimming, snorkeling, and just laying on the beach. This evening we'll be anchored in Chora harbor, with all of the charms of the village nightlife available to us.

Day 4 - Naxos

This morning we head for the island of Naxos, the biggest and largest of the Greek Islands of the Cyclades. Situated near the center of the Cyclades, Naxos has the highest mountain (Mount Zas) and the island has been continuously inhabited for an astounding 5000 years! The island was for many centuries under the rule of the Venetians. Naxos Island is characterized by its Venetian town, the many picturesque villages, the fertile valleys, the sandy beaches, the marble gate called Portara, the Kouros and the wonderful Naxian food and wine!

As we approach Naxos from the south, we'll take some time to anchor in yet another gorgeous bay with yet another gorgeous beach. After our swim we'll motor on up to the harbor at Naxos Town and go ashore to meet our local guide for a tour of the island. We travel by coach from the main town to the village of Melanes, where close to an ancient marble quarry, down a valley, and among the fruit trees of a local farm lies a huge half-finished sculpture of a young man of “Kouros," dating from the 6th century B.C. We have an opportunity at the farm to taste a popular Naxian Liquor, "Kitro," made from lemon tree leaves.

Our tour proceeds υρ the mountains for a view of inland Naxos on our way to the typical village of Apirathos. Time is left to "rest υρ" at the local taverna. Don't "rest up" too much, however, because we then return to Naxos proper and have the rest of the afternoon free for exploring.

We'll spend the evening in Naxos Harbor tonight and go ashore for our favorite pastime...wandering the winding streets and getting lost...The seafront of Naxos town is lined with tavernas and shops, all facing the harbour and the numerous sailing vessels moored there. Just a few feet behind the seafront the cobblestone streets of the old town become narrow and twisting...a virtual labyrinth of shops, homes, and restaurants. You'll have no trouble finding the perfect little taverna for dinner tonight...and if you like seafood you'll find none fresher than this island!

Day 5 - Naxos and Paros

This morning after breakfast we'll depart Naxos for the nearby island of Paros, (with a fun swim/snorkel stop enroute). The Greek island of Paros one of the most popular Greek islands, and the reasons are obvious...exquisite sandy beaches in crystal waters, Parian traditional villages with whitewashed cubic houses in narrow paved alleys contrasted with the many colourful bougainvilleas, lovely chapels, and an endless supply of tavernas, all with wonderful local cuisine! We’ll dock in the town of Naoussa, and have time to wander and find lunch, then relax for the rest of the day. Although somewhat sleepy in the heat of the day, Naoussa comes alive at night with shops, tavernas, and lots of locals out and about. You’ll have plenty of options for dinner ashore, and then enjoy yourself people-watching along the waterfront!

Day 6 - Delos and Tinos

According to mythology, the nearby island of Delos is the birthplace of Apollo, god of music, truth and light, and his twin sister Artemis, goddess of the hunt. Delos has been inhabited for over 5000 years, and is blessed with a massive assortment of ruins dating from many different periods and civilizations. We'll get a chance to see many of them this morning as we explore Delos and its wonders with an expert local archeaological guide. We'll depart Delos and spend some time at the nearby but deserted island of Rinia, one of the many "near-perfect" swimming spots in the Cyclades. We'll enjoy a shipboard lunch here as we admire the stark landscape and aquamarine sea...perhaps while sipping a glass of cool Greek white wine, or if beer is more your style, the cooler on board is always full of ice-cold Mythos beer.

This afternoon we'll motor to our next destination, the nearby island of Tinos.
This austere and mountainous island, more or less untouched by tourist influence, is also one of the loveliest. The scenery features steep summits and terraced fields separated by dry stone walls. The indented coastline forms picturesque bays and is indeed spectacular. Among the unique characteristics of this island are its famous dove-cotes, which evolved from a simple home for doves into a work of architectural art.

By far the most famous site on Tinos is the orthodox cathedral of Panagia Evangelista. Built in 1823 on the site of a miraculous discovery of an icon of the Virgin Mary, the cathedral still houses the icon and is the focus of pilgrimages by thousands of the faithful, who crawl on hands and knees from the seashore to the cathedral, a distance of nearly a kilometer. You'll enjoy wandering and exploring this unique island town as night falls and the locals relax in the tavernas.

Tonight Captain Stavros and his crew will have a BBQ on the back deck, grilling up a huge assortment of Greek specialties. Along with Maria's dishes from the galley, we'll feast like Dionysis!

Day 7 - Kea

We'll have the morning free in Tinos, then weigh anchor and continue north to the rarely visited island of Giaros. Mainly visited by boaters looking for unspoiled beaches and crystalline water, we will enjoy a wonderful lunch break here with only the sun and our shipmates for company. By this afternoon we'll be slipping into the harbor of Korissia, on the island of Kea. Known for its picturesque villages and wonderful beaches, Kea will be our last island stop on our Greek Odyssey! If time permits your Go Get Lost guide will take you on a beautiful countryside walk to see the ancient and striking “Lion of Kea”.

Tonight we'll enjoy a fantastic shipboard Greek feast at our Captain's Party! Prepare yourself for an evening of great food, excellent wine, and lots of laughs. We'll be reliving all of the adventures we had, exchanging addresses and photos, and planning our next vacation!

Day 8 - Kea, Lavrio

We'll sail early this morning, enjoying our breakfast while underway. If time permits we may have a morning swimming stop at Markonisos before proceeding on to the port of Lavrio. We should arrive at Lavrio by mid-morning, allowing you to get a transfer to Athens airport if your flight departure is late enough. Or you can stay the night in Athens and get organized for your flight home the next day. We offer a private group transfer from the yacht to our hotel in Athens, along with an extra night’s stay. The best option, though, is to stay for two more nights and do our Ancient Athens tour! We’ll have a local guide meet us at the hotel tomorrow morning for an unforgettable walking tour of Athens, one of the most ancient and fascinating cities in the world! Your Go Get Lost tour leader can help with any arrangements you need for a transfer to the airport or hotel.

What´s Included

  • 7 Nights Double Occupancy Yacht Accommodations (All Cabins with Private Bathrooms)
  • Meals as Specified: 7 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches, 3 Dinners
  • Greek Boat Barbeque
  • Welcome Dinner in Serifos
  • Farewell Dinner in Kea
  • Santorini Island Tour with Local Guide, Transportation
  • Naxos Island Tour with Guide, Transportation
  • Guides Wine Tasting
  • Winery Tour and Wine Tasting on Santorini
  • Sightseeing and entrance fees as specified in itinerary
  • Completely escorted by a Go Get Lost Tour Leader with local guides at specified sites throughout the itinerary
  • A lifetime of unforgettable memories!

What´s not Included

  • Airfare package
  • Departure taxes
  • Arrival and departure transfers, tour begins at the yacht in Lavrio Harbor at 11 a.m. on Day 1, and the tour ends at the yacht in Lavrio Harbor on the morning of day 8.
  • Gratuities for boat crew, meals, porterage, local guides, coach drivers, etc.
  • Visa fees, if applicable
  • Meals not specified in itinerary
  • Beverages at meals unless specified in itinerary
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption and Medical Insurance (strongly recommended), call for details
  • Items of a personal nature; phone calls, laundry, etc.

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