Trish H. Whittier, CA

What I loved most about Get Lost In Italy –(the Tuscany and Cinque Terre tour)– was the DIVERSITY!!!  We really experienced Italian life, and the country, in a very non-touristy way.
The “tour” was a true adventure with great Tuscan food (too much), wine (too much), picnics and hikes.  We had amazing guides who taught us about the flora and the fauna, and gave us history lessons on their area.  We went to Etruscan ruins, museums, cathedrals and medieval cities.  Going to your language school and being taught by your former teacher about the Palio, Siena, and the Contradas was a highlight for me.
I loved the spirit of the entire tour, it was a “class act”.   I would not hesitate to go again, nor would I hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.  As far as value for money spent…I received way more than I paid for, in so many ways.  I spent 30 days in Italy and this tour was the “hands down” highlight. 
Thanks to you and your entire company for such a wonderful experience.  Steve, I still owe you a glass of wine, or two, for helping with the early accommodations in Cinque Terre.  I’ll catch you on that, next trip. Ciao,