Tour Type Guide

Guided Group Trips

These are our pre-scheduled group trips.  Always fully escorted with expert local guides and tour managers, usually supplemented by one of the Go Get Lost owners and tour leaders.  You’ll be traveling with a small group of other fun-loving people with similar interests, and most likely make life-long friends during your journey!  Go Get Lost group trips are not overly-structured rigid affairs, but more flexible and easy-going than most.  We strive for the perfect balance of group time to enjoy each other’s company, and free time to explore on your own. These itineraries can often be reserved for a private group as well.

Private Guided Trips

Private tours are for individuals, couples, families or groups of almost any size.  Always fully escorted with expert local guides, they are scheduled to match YOUR travel schedule (considering the season), and can often be customized to meet the needs of your private group.  We can also start from scratch craft a completely unique itinerary for your group, tailored to match your interests, abilities, travel time and budget.

Self Guided Trips

These unique adventures are for individuals, couples or small groups who want an independent, off-the-beaten-path adventure.  Most of the trips are either Walking or Biking journeys, although a few are Driving adventures.  They allow you the freedom to find your own way (using our excellent and up-to-date directions and maps) in some of the most fascinating areas of Europe.  Your luggage is transported for you while you enjoy your excursion each day.