Italy and Automobiles CheckList

Packing Checklist

For Spring, Summer, and Fall Car Tour in Tuscany , we recommend:
Casual, comfortable and layering are watchwords for day wear. Synthetic fabrics are easier to pack than cotton or other materials and dry faster after washing. Evening dress is influenced by the formality of your choice of restaurant. PACK LIGHT…here’s a phrase we never hear…”Gee, I wish I would have packed more stuff!” Plus, you’ll need room in your luggage for all the stuff you’ll buy…after all, you ARE in Italy!

1 or 2 pair of comfortable long pants, suitable for walking (cotton or linen trousers are much cooler than jeans and much easier to wash and dry)
3 pairs of shorts
4 comfortable shirts (1 long sleeved and 3 short sleeved)
2 sets of “casual” dress clothes for dinners
1 pair of sturdy, comfortable lightweight shoes for walking around the towns (or stomping on the accelerator of a Ferrari)
1 pair of casual dress shoes
Comfortable walking socks, underwear and sleepwear
Lightweight fleece jacket or windbreaker style jacket
Lightweight rain gear or compact traveling umbrella
Sunhat or cap
Users of contact lenses or glasses should bring a spare pair “just in case”
Passport, and a photocopy of your passport in a different bag
Credit cards, with PIN numbers, (be sure to call your credit card company and inform them of your travel plans and dates)
Personal Stuff (Shampoo, razor, etc)
Prescription medications
Camera, with extra batteries, memory
Chargers and electrical adapters for your computer, tablet, etc

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